The YOU Brand Event Schedule

The YOU Brand Event Schedule

Upcoming Events: 2022


Something BIG coming to The YOU Brand!

Entrepreneurial Success Consortium (ESC) is more than another accelerator program. We’re providing an opportunity for thousands of businesses to take part in a powerhouse program that will cover EVERYTHING your brand needs to see exponential growth.

Registered businesses who complete the program will gain the chance to receive a grant to help scale their business even further.

Who can participate in the program and receive the grant?

Non-Member Participants

All business owners are invited to participate in both the ESC program as well to apply for the grant opportunity!

The YOU Brand Members

You will get to participate in the VIP version of the program and work one-on-one with a coach through the time of the program.

Learn more about ESC and Pre-Register for the Program HERE!

No event in April?

We have a gift for member of The YOU Brand as we prepare for the program we have coming in May...

The program we are putting together is going to fill the May calendar with lots of incredible events as well as a business challenge. Those who participate, will have a chance to receive a business grant and a spot in the ESC Accelerator Program. With the preparation it's taking, we have cleared our calendar for the next two months. To make it up to our members, we are gifting a one-on-one coaching call in April in place of our normal Monthly Coaching Call.

Virtual Coworking

Virtual Coworking is available to all members of The YOU Brand as well as to 1st time guest.

We recommend at least 10 hours per week of committed "going dark" time to add to your calendar for your business development. This is the time to work on specific building blocks and complete tasks to move your business forward.

What to expect: We will take 5 minutes to share what we are working on and will have a check-in at the end of our call. The rest of the time will be used for independent work. Show up for the entire time, or drop in when you can. Think of it as a virtual accountability space in a community settings. You can simply turn your video/audio off, or go into a breakout room to minimize distractions. As we grow, there will also be coaches available to provide guidance.

1st & 3rd Monday:

5:00pm - 6:00pm CST

2nd & 4th Wednesday:

1:00pm - 2:00pm CST

This event is for The YOU Brand Members and 1st time guests!

Do you know someone who this could support? Give them a gift by passing this information along!

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